Ancient Style

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Reading Crowley and Hawhee’s piece on ancient style really gave me some mixed emotions. Starting off reading the piece, I felt as if it was just boring. Too many terms with not enough life brought to them. I would read a term and then think to myself, “I can’t even remember what I just read”. I almost felt like I was in AP English in high school where we were exposed to these terms then tested on them, I remember half of the class cramming before the test, but not retaining a single meaning after the test. Some terms I remembered from that class where things like “paratactic”, “asyndeton”, and “ploysyndeton”.

I’m not going to say I was completely unhappy with the piece because I did enjoy the concept “artful repetition”, just as most of my classmates did. It’s really easy for us to connect to this idea because at times we are in the situation that we don’t know much on the topic or simply we’re not interested so we repeat, but this idea tells us it’s okay to repeat, but make it more creative.

Some of this piece was confusing, but not the worst thing I’ve ever read.


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