Youtube Commercial!

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

– I think this is middle style from the casual 80’s music to the language used, I don’t think it’d be considered grand, but also not plain.

-The repetition of “salty” and “sweet” could be related to puns, as Crowley and Hawhee note on page 244, “Puns allow rhetors to repeat something in an artful and often funny way.” Clearly the commercial is trying to be funny.

-“Salty. Sweet. Impossible to resist.” I would consider this to be a hyperbole. (Trope)

_ I also believe this one is middle style from the star wars music to the minimal language used.

-Surprisingly there wasn’t really any repetition in this ad.

-“The Coke side of life.” – is a metaphor.

  1. awagoner2011 says:

    I think you should use the coke commercial. It seems that you might be able to write more about it than the m and m’s commercial.

  2. emulee says:

    What about the personification of the candy in the first commercial? Clearly food doesn’t talk to us like this! (Oh maybe I should have looked at some Rice Krispies commercials!)

  3. emulee says:

    Oh and the second commercial has excellent hyperbole. A soft drink inspires this older man to experience all the things he hadn’t previously? That’s a little over the top! But, it makes the commercial a lot of fun to watch.

  4. alysebaby says:

    I ended up using the M&M commercial, once I got into it I found A LOT to connect with the ancient style piece.

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