Peer Review Recap- part 2!

Posted: October 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

One pro that I really noticed from the method of google docs peer review is the fact that people weren’t really afraid to make corrections or note how they felt. I think this was because of the fact that it’s not in person so as a class we don’t really have to deal with someone taking a comment to heart or getting angry about it. One con I noticed is some people aren’t really into editing papers, they don’t really care too. I think this happens to all of us when we don’t get into another persons writing so we make comments like “I like your intro” or “Great start, keep up the good work.” That really doesn’t help the writer at all.

The main pattern I saw in the comments I received is, people focus on grammar and word count more than then content of the paper. Yes I do believe proof reading and length are important elements of a paper, but the content is the most important part. In my first essay I had a hard time connecting my technology with the readings so it ended up kinda being two different essays, not one person who reviewed my essay said this. I think people need to actually engage in the essay they are reading so they can be more helpful to their peers.

For myself, a pattern that I did while giving comments and editing was I focused on how people didn’t connect with the readings/ correctly cite the readings and how I found it common that people didn’t really have a voice. I think it’s important to have a voice while writing because it makes the reader more interested. It really reflects when a reader feels like they are having a conversation with the writer, at least that’s how I feel.


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