What others are saying.

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I began reading my classmates blogs and some people said the same things as I did and others had other concerns or comments. It was interesting to read what everyone else was thinking about the readings, it was also a reminder that people often share the same ideas about things.

I read over Megan F’s blog and I found that we shared some of the same ideas. We both agree that Strunk and White is an easier read, although I did favor Williams a bit more. Megan states, “Strunk and White focus on grammar and punctuation significantly more than Williams, I feel that grammar and punctuation played a bigger part in the definition of style than it does today.” I agree with her on this, grammar does matter more to some than to others, but with the internet these days and how phrases are shortened-it may matter less. Megan and I also both talked about Strunk and White’s “omit needless words”. I figured that some people do the same thing as I do and make things more wordy than they should be, but it was cool to see someone else have the same thoughts on it as I did.

Then I read Amanda W’s blog and made some connections with her. We both talked about, “Words and Expressions Commonly Misused” from Strunk and White and admitted that we have caught ourselves doing this. I think this happens often in writing, some more obvious than others. I noticed a few of us commented on this subject. Amanda said in her blog, “Williams expands on their ideas by providing detailed examples.” I felt the same exact way about Williams’ and said something similar to that in my post. We both felt like Williams’ book was more on our level, we liked it more and would reference from it more. Amanda also noted, “Strunk and White might be more effective by the fact that it is more concise. If you have a quick question and you need to find the answer in a timely manner than you can. Strunk and White is less effective if you don’t understand the information provided.” Which I found true as well, as Megan F did. Strunk and White was an easier read because it kept it simple with a definition type layout. I feel like most of the class would agree with this statement as far as I can see a lot of people said that in their blog postings.

It was interesting seeing other peoples opinions about both text, but it was even better to see that people were feeling the same thing as I was, that people have the same favorite as I do.


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