Peer Review Recap 3

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I kinda feel like every peer review has been the same for me. Some advice was good, other advice wasn’t. I do feel as if peer review is helpful and necessary, but sometimes people don’t care enough to edit each others paper lol. I also felt like this project was a little different so editing was different. I didn’t really notice any patterns, except maybe a few grammar mistakes. (Which always happens in drafts!) I didn’t really come across anything too different either. I guess I like reading other people’s work. I like seeing if I’m on the same page as them and I also hope to give them some helpful advice. I’m not really sure how others feel about the advice that I leave for them, but I always try to be positive yet effective. Reviewing this last project was the most fun one by far because it wasn’t the typical formal paper. I am also interested in seeing the survey results to see what everyone said about my paper as well as seeing what others wrote about everyone else. I wonder if theirs any patterns in the class for mistakes and what not. Hmmm….



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