Looking Back, Looking Forward.

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think many of the readings that we discussed and read in class connect to this project. Everything that we’ve learned since the beginning of the semester could be connected to this. It’s almost like everything was kind of preparing us for this project. Looking back at Ong and Barron talking about technologies and obviously this whole project is based on technology and how we are using it to piece together everyone’s part. How were using our computers to communicate and what not. Ancient style connects with this project as well because obviously we are using style to guide us. We are using a style guide for the basis of our whole project. Basically I’ll be able to connect probably everything learned in class to this project. I think understanding and having more of an appreciation of technology and style made this project more enjoyable. I think I’ll have a lot to talk about in my essay because there’s just so much to relate to and just realizations that I’ve made.


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