Final Peer Review Recap

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

For this time around peer review actually helped me because I felt that this essay was more difficult to write compared to past essays. Although for peer review as a whole the aspects that I found useful are the fact that you are hearing feedback from people who are writing about the same things you are, people giving suggestions to make your point/argument better, people catching errors that the writer may not notice, and also reading others work. I find those things most useful because it gives me a better understanding on how others view my writing and I can see if I’m on the same path as others, because we should obviously be on the same page of what we are writing about. The one thing I find least useful is the fact that sometimes people don’t really have anything to say, or they I think that when it comes to responding to others, it’s best to be honest and helpful. Now I’m not saying anyone should rip someones paper apart, but it will help someone in the long run if people actually give good advice. I learned that while responding to others writing it helps me have a better sense of self awareness, for example if I notice an error or confusion in someone’s paper I can think back to my own writing and edit out things that I feel could be confusing to others. Also just reading other peoples work is just helpful. I think by making use of my classmates advice I have expanded on my ideas in my papers as well as fixed little things here and there. I haven’t had the best luck all semester with getting really good advice, but for this last paper I really appreciated the comments I did receive and I think it’s really going to help me tonight when I start to tackle this assignment again.


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