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Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Walking into this class I thought style was a certain way people did things. How they dressed or how they wrote- their voice. After taking English 328, I’ve come to know so much more about style. Ancient style is the basis of all style today and style doesn’t only reflect in writing, but in everything. From commercials to essays it surrounds us as people. I still don’t think style can be defined as anything and I still believe there is much more to be learned. That’s the beauty of writing, it’s a constant learning process and I’m excited to more forward to see what happens next.

It’s hard to some up what I have learned in this class, but here’s a few things….I have learned that the simplest of things in life need to be recognized as something more than just…well simple. For example one of the oldest technologies- the pencil. Or even modern time- the computer. As we did our own writing technology project, the class soon learned how difficult writing would be without these things. I have learned that working together isn’t always the easiest thing, but it is apart of life and sometimes you have to work around the things you don’t exactly like. I have been given insight on useful tips while writing a paper from Williams and Strunk and White.

All in all this class has been fun and a good experience for my first time online class- I’m glad that I took it.


Final Peer Review Recap

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

For this time around peer review actually helped me because I felt that this essay was more difficult to write compared to past essays. Although for peer review as a whole the aspects that I found useful are the fact that you are hearing feedback from people who are writing about the same things you are, people giving suggestions to make your point/argument better, people catching errors that the writer may not notice, and also reading others work. I find those things most useful because it gives me a better understanding on how others view my writing and I can see if I’m on the same path as others, because we should obviously be on the same page of what we are writing about. The one thing I find least useful is the fact that sometimes people don’t really have anything to say, or they I think that when it comes to responding to others, it’s best to be honest and helpful. Now I’m not saying anyone should rip someones paper apart, but it will help someone in the long run if people actually give good advice. I learned that while responding to others writing it helps me have a better sense of self awareness, for example if I notice an error or confusion in someone’s paper I can think back to my own writing and edit out things that I feel could be confusing to others. Also just reading other peoples work is just helpful. I think by making use of my classmates advice I have expanded on my ideas in my papers as well as fixed little things here and there. I haven’t had the best luck all semester with getting really good advice, but for this last paper I really appreciated the comments I did receive and I think it’s really going to help me tonight when I start to tackle this assignment again.

YouTube/Low-bridge videos

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

At first my group was off to a rough start and things were a little shaky, but we figured it out. I feel like the video making process and the writing process have both similarities and differences. The connections I made from it was the whole process of planning on what you’re going to do- just like writing it takes brain storming. As well as making a draft and a final. I probably recorded my video like 5 times before I got it right. On the other hand their are obviously differences. I do see Anderson’s point because in the real world, after college in our careers we’re going to have to work with people. By doing this project and like Anderson notes, students have to work together to learn new skills and better understand things as well as people. And just like writing, we had to create the video. I don’t really think it’s like comparing apples and oranges, I do believe there are strong connections between the two when a person is exposed to it.

Looking Back, Looking Forward.

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think many of the readings that we discussed and read in class connect to this project. Everything that we’ve learned since the beginning of the semester could be connected to this. It’s almost like everything was kind of preparing us for this project. Looking back at Ong and Barron talking about technologies and obviously this whole project is based on technology and how we are using it to piece together everyone’s part. How were using our computers to communicate and what not. Ancient style connects with this project as well because obviously we are using style to guide us. We are using a style guide for the basis of our whole project. Basically I’ll be able to connect probably everything learned in class to this project. I think understanding and having more of an appreciation of technology and style made this project more enjoyable. I think I’ll have a lot to talk about in my essay because there’s just so much to relate to and just realizations that I’ve made.

Peer Review Recap 3

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I kinda feel like every peer review has been the same for me. Some advice was good, other advice wasn’t. I do feel as if peer review is helpful and necessary, but sometimes people don’t care enough to edit each others paper lol. I also felt like this project was a little different so editing was different. I didn’t really notice any patterns, except maybe a few grammar mistakes. (Which always happens in drafts!) I didn’t really come across anything too different either. I guess I like reading other people’s work. I like seeing if I’m on the same page as them and I also hope to give them some helpful advice. I’m not really sure how others feel about the advice that I leave for them, but I always try to be positive yet effective. Reviewing this last project was the most fun one by far because it wasn’t the typical formal paper. I am also interested in seeing the survey results to see what everyone said about my paper as well as seeing what others wrote about everyone else. I wonder if theirs any patterns in the class for mistakes and what not. Hmmm….


What others are saying.

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I began reading my classmates blogs and some people said the same things as I did and others had other concerns or comments. It was interesting to read what everyone else was thinking about the readings, it was also a reminder that people often share the same ideas about things.

I read over Megan F’s blog and I found that we shared some of the same ideas. We both agree that Strunk and White is an easier read, although I did favor Williams a bit more. Megan states, “Strunk and White focus on grammar and punctuation significantly more than Williams, I feel that grammar and punctuation played a bigger part in the definition of style than it does today.” I agree with her on this, grammar does matter more to some than to others, but with the internet these days and how phrases are shortened-it may matter less. Megan and I also both talked about Strunk and White’s “omit needless words”. I figured that some people do the same thing as I do and make things more wordy than they should be, but it was cool to see someone else have the same thoughts on it as I did.

Then I read Amanda W’s blog and made some connections with her. We both talked about, “Words and Expressions Commonly Misused” from Strunk and White and admitted that we have caught ourselves doing this. I think this happens often in writing, some more obvious than others. I noticed a few of us commented on this subject. Amanda said in her blog, “Williams expands on their ideas by providing detailed examples.” I felt the same exact way about Williams’ and said something similar to that in my post. We both felt like Williams’ book was more on our level, we liked it more and would reference from it more. Amanda also noted, “Strunk and White might be more effective by the fact that it is more concise. If you have a quick question and you need to find the answer in a timely manner than you can. Strunk and White is less effective if you don’t understand the information provided.” Which I found true as well, as Megan F did. Strunk and White was an easier read because it kept it simple with a definition type layout. I feel like most of the class would agree with this statement as far as I can see a lot of people said that in their blog postings.

It was interesting seeing other peoples opinions about both text, but it was even better to see that people were feeling the same thing as I was, that people have the same favorite as I do.

Williams’ book, like Strunk and White point out the need to omit “pointless” words. Both books have a section or chapter on it so the reader can really understand that wordiness can often make things unclear. From past experiences my wordiness can confuse people at some points and I obviously want to avoid that at all costs. In the blog post on Strunk and White I commented on how I really enjoyed that portion of the book and in Williams’ I commented on the same thing, which I didn’t even notice until now. I guess that just would improve my writing if I could be less wordy at times. Although they provide similar advise, the two books are very different when it comes to explaining style.

To an extent Williams’ book could be considered more useful because it wasn’t so cookie cutter like Strunk and White. It wasn’t a simple example with a correction, it was more of an examination of the issue, a few examples and an in depth explanation. I felt as if there was more heart into Williams for some reason. Even in the preface he explains the efforts of other style books, “They are all for accuracy, brevity, clarity,. and so forth, but beyond offering good and bad examples, none of them explains how to achieve those ends.” With this, Williams’ does in fact go beyond the typical basics of style. I think that is why I enjoyed his ideas much more than Strunk and White. It was like having a conversation with him on how to improve my writing. I have to admit that style books aren’t exactly my favorite read and they aren’t always exciting, but I found Williams’ interesting for the most part and easy to get through.

To an extent Strunk and White’s book could be considered more useful because it was simple and fast. It was kind of like a go to book that you could easily look something up and find your answer, but if you wanted to get an in depth explanation this probably wouldn’t be the best book. I did like it for the convenience though. It was also an easy read because it was so short and simple it didn’t exactly take too much thinking to understand the concepts. Honestly beyond that it’s hard to me to pick out things that I liked because I didn’t really like the book as a whole. I didn’t agree with some things in the book and it was just kinda boring. Maybe I’m just more of a fan of Williams’ so I’m being bias. Over all I can see where the text can be helpful and I can see why writers would use it.